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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 2:41 AM
Alrighty! Time for a major update. My Aunty road tripped me down from Sydney to Melbourne and across on the Spirit of Tasmania to get me to Launceston where I'm now living with my old friend Viper-mod in Newstead, right near my old college. When I first got down here (May 12th) I had about two weeks of what I'll call mental hell where I was sleeping the days away, not dealing with the cold AT ALL and just being generally miserable about the situation. I had some major disappointments too, with my chair having to be ordered in and then my desk being faulty which set me back another few days. I couldn't sit at my computer, or anywhere, to draw because the house doesn't have good space for it at all.

About two weeks after moving, I had a five hour conversation with a friend and got closure on my previous relationship. Finally realising that I didn't want things to go back to how they were and that I should stop crying over spilt milk and get some gosh darn self respect. After that I had a good month and a half of feeling pretty much unstoppable. Living in walking (25 minutes-ish) distance of the CBD and finally having my own room/space where my computer is now setup and being able to have an ARTSPACE felt so good. Stuff really settled into place nicely for a while.

I've since had some ups and downs as does everyone and I guess the main thing is that I think the rollercoaster is levelling out. I'm in a good place with generally nice people even if it it's sorely lacking in opportunity / adventure.

Optimistically, I'd like to think that when I left in 2010, I left to become a better person, get a job, adventure, love and become an independant adult. I should've been careful what I wished for cause boy was I tested very quickly! I had so much cool shit happen to me in the last few years and not a single regret about anything. Now I'm back in Tasmania and I can safely say that I've gained everything I wanted to gain and more. Yeah!

I guess in short, I'm adjusting. Lifestyle changes have been something I've dealt with my whole life. We are capped at the moment and in September we FINALLY get connected to the NBN so we should have great internet and I can go back to wondering what to play on Steam instead of being afraid to open it for fear of everything I love needing stupidly large updates and becoming unplayable. I miss my Dark Souls PvP mang.

In the meantime I've had SO much progress with Solar Abyss during the move and also earlier in the week when I was feeling blue and not doing anything, I just told myself to work on something. I'm going to be taking down all the content in my Solar Abyss group here on DA just because so much of it is irrelevant / spoilery / outdated at this point it just needs a good purge. I'm designing (on PAPER?!) a clean tumblr layout for Solar Abyss to just upload maybe some pencil / ink character portraits. Keeping things very crisp, simple and vague. I'm also thinking of just typing out the story as best I can so at least I have drafts to reference and tweak as time rolls on. A lot of what's slowed me down has been character / environment design. If I just describe stuff, I can fine tune it later, or at least that's the idea. Should free me up to focus on the plot points / character development a lot more clearly.

I'm still dealing with depression-ey crap pretty often. Seems to come with the territory in such a cold place for me but I'm taking steps to counter it and keeping myself busy with creative projects and even cleaning definitely seems to be a good start. Though now the gloom is about my future and not about walking on eggshells or being home scared so that's a welcome change of opposition.

  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Drowning Pool, FLOW, Skindred, Amity Affliction
  • Reading: Daughter of the Blood
  • Watching: I don't unless it's on DVD / Hard drives.
  • Playing: Yugioh
  • Eating: Vita-Weats (9 Grain)
  • Drinking: Lemon Lucozade


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